Unknown to many people, the bathroom is one a hazard-prone space. Many people have lost their lives in the bathroom when they slipped and hit their head against the edge of the tub or the toilet. Ok, maybe that sounds too James Bond-ish, but it is true. At our fitness center, one of the challenges that we have been having is keeping the toilets clean. Apart from gory deaths in the bathroom, you should also know that dirty toilets are quite a hazard as they hide colonies of bacteria and germs. After cleanliness in your bathroom, ensure to keep some safety measures in place.

Even with all the dangers, it is quite possible to keep safe in the bathroom. You just need to consider the bathroom safety tips that I will share with you below:

Skid-proof floors only

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Most of the bathroom danger is going to come from slipping and falling accidents. The main cause of this is water and soap, which make the floor slippery. However, with a skid-proof floor, you can be able to forestall such accidents. If you already have a slippery floor, just ensure to use anti-slip mats and rugs.

Keep all electrical appliances away from the wet

Electricity and water are bad enemies. Thus, anything that is battery powered or electric powered should be kept away from the water. Unless a shaver has been certified safe for use in water, you should keep it away from water. Electrocution accidents can be dangerous and may even cause instant death.

Grab bars near the bathtub help a lot

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When you are all wet and slippery, from the bathtub, you want to hold onto something as you get out of the tub or when rising from the toilet. They are especially important when you have a senior living in the house. Just make sure that the grab bars have been installed properly because they might have to bear the brunt of your weight should you miss a step and slip.

Keep the bathroom space free of clutter

Clutter causes serious accidents. When you get soap in your eyes and you cannot open them, you want to be sure that you access the towel easily. This can only happen if you do not keep a cluttered bathroom. Make sure there are no items lying arbitrarily on the floor. Also, in the medicine cabinet, label everything in a visible manner. That way, you will not take something that you are not supposed to.

Install good lighting in the bathroom

Today, we even have toilets that have LED lights so that when you have to use the bathroom at night, you do not have to light the overhead lights. However, when you are taking a shower or a bath, switch on the lights. Darkness in a small bathroom can be quite disorienting and it may cause serious accidents.

Ensure safe installation of things in the bathroom

If not installed in the right way, anything in the bathroom can be quite a hazard. Everything, from the toilet, tub, mirrors, vanities and the lighting should be installed steadily. That way, there will be no chance of getting a freak accident.  

Don’t move around too much when showering

The solution to this is to install a shower head that you can adjust in various angles. You do not have to keep moving around in the shower so that you can catch water on a certain part of your body.