Bidet toilets are not very common, but they are catching on fast. Most people avoid them because they think these toilets are uncomfortable. However, once you start using it, you will find that this toilet quite stunning. But this is not the only misconception that many people have about this toilet.

Picture of splashing water in privy

There are many more myths that circulate around regarding these toilets. I remember when I went shopping for one of these bidet combo toilets last month and when I installed it at our fitness center, I overheard some of my clients discussing it. I was appalled that most of the things they were saying about this toilet were just myth.

That is why I decided to write this article to try and clear such misconceptions. Here are several “lies” that people hear about these toilets:

These toilets are very unhygienic

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that people hear around. Now, it is true that with this toilet, you clean your bottom with water after doing your business. Truth be told, cleaning up with water after your business is much cleaner and more refreshing than using toilet paper. If you do not believe it, just try it for a couple of days and you will never go back to using toilet paper again. Despite what many people think that you get hit with water and it makes a mess, once you have set the right temperature, you will not want to rise from the toilet seat.

A bidet toilet is expensive to run

Toilet paper picture

As compared to what? Many people say that bidets are expensive to use as compared to toilet paper. However, with a toilet roll going for $3, if you do the math, you can see that every year, you use a good amount of money on toilet paper. And that is not all really because you still have to factor the cost of unclogging blocked waste pipes. Toilet paper forms lumps easily and blockages are not too uncommon.

Bidets are only for women

Women may need hygiene more than men, especially during that time of the month. However, the blanket assumption that bidet toilet combos should only be found in the Ladies is quite a misconception. Men are catching on fast and today, it has become common to find bidets in the Gents too.

You must use soap when cleaning with the bidet

This is not true. In fact, using soap for cleaning your private parts is highly discouraged. It can lower your pH balance and thus render your prone to bacterial attacks. At the same time, soap also dries the mucus lining in the female genitals leaving women susceptible to diseases.

The bidet will mess my undercarriage

This is not right, well, unless you do really want it to mess your undercarriage. Otherwise, you are in full control of the water pressure as well as the temperature. So, as soon as you have installed the bidet, you should get the settings right. That way, there will be no accidents when you use the toilet.

A bidet needs more room for installation

To the contrary, the bidet is not a separate unit that you can install beside the toilet or something. A bidet is installed under the toilet seat or you can buy a bidet seat so that you can replace the regular toilet seat with it.