Shopline: The Story of E-commerce in Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Asia

Asia has experienced significant growth in the number of people that use the internet for their information and entertainment needs with around 650 million recorded in June 2015 alone. 

The Chinese Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), in 2015 also stated that Asian blogs had increased in number, from about 500 thousand bloggers to nearly 500 million. This helped to shape and form Asia’s E-commerce space into what it is now.  

The Asian e-commerce market has been one of Asia’s biggest business success stories! It has created millions of jobs, improved a lot of business models, and generally increased the NDP of Asian countries as a whole. 

E-commerce is one of Asia’s biggest business success stories.  It has created jobs for citizens in their millions, improved the lives of millions of families by promoting their goods and services to others, and consequently improved the standard of living of millions of families in Asia. According to a 2020 study by Statista, the expected e-commerce revenue in Asia amounts to over $1.3 trillion, with an annual growth rate of 8.9%.  In Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, online consumption has soared so high and increased in value so much that the Chinese e-commerce market is valued at $672 billion, making it the largest e-commerce country on the planet, according to

With a growing population of over 900 million Asian online shoppers, studies also show that there would be another significant increase in overall e-commerce revenue in the coming years as seen in the graph below

What is Shopline?

One of the fastest-growing, and most popular e-commerce platforms in Asia, is Shopline.

Shopline is an Asian based e-commerce platform, and online marketplace, used to build, manage, and promote business and services all around Asia, and the world at large, with its headquarter in Hong\ Kong. The platform is home to over 200 thousand brands in Asia and has been relied upon multiple times to set up efficient sales and aid easy online shopping with features like shipping and multiple payment options, and diverse marketing/promotion channels. 

Simply put, Shopline is an e-commerce platform that helps business owners in Asia, who have no online presence, to take their product or service to the readily available Asian internet market with an easy-to-build online shop.

Shopline has over 80 million customers and hundreds of thousands of merchants. Shopline’s increasing popularity is due to its easy acceptability over various devices with a smart-phone application and user-friendly websites.

What makes Shopline unique?

According to, The massive growth in Asia’s e-commerce market, spearheaded by Shopline is no accident. Shopline offers a range of features that makes it stand out from other e-commerce store builders across Asia.

These features are:

1.Customizable Store Designs

Sellers that use Shopline can tailor their store designs to accommodate their unique tastes and can help improve the outlook of your store to a potential customer. Shopline also provides a variety of preset designs even for handheld devices such as phones and tablets. Shopline also provides easy to use design tools for people with no previous web design experience to create their dream store at no added cost.  

2.Effective Product Management

Shopline allows retailers to keep a real-time inventory of products as well as track product sales performance and consumer feedback. Shopline also helps retailers categorize products into appropriate sections, consequently improving customer experience by bringing them face to face with the products that they are looking to buy.    

Infact, here is a great article on the topic:電商平台/ 

Retailers can also add pre-order or almost-out-of-stock tags to products. There is also a feature that allows sellers and buyers to communicate, review orders, view customer ID, and so on. 

3.Reliable Payment and Easy Delivery Services

Shopline is partnered with Apple Pay, Paypal, Line pay, and other payment services. to improve ease and reduce the cost of transactions. Bank transfers and mobile wallets are also available to increase customer payment options. 

To increase the ease of delivery, Shopline is partnered with local and international logistics companies to cater to local and international customers’ needs. Shopline also allows vendors to add custom delivery options. 

4.Safe and Secure E-Commerce Operation

Shopline’s e-commerce system runs 24/7 against high or low traffic with a limitless transmission capacity.

Also, this online store builder platform supports a multi-currency and multi-language feature for easy transactions with international customers.

Shopline comes with an SSL certificate for free that encrypts communication between customers and vendors, secures data like credit card and account information, or any other sensitive data. 

5.Reports and Marketing Tools

A compilation of sales, traffic, and most ordered products, is computed in real-time for vendors to track how their products are performing. This tool helps vendors analyze and improve their business models, consequently improving their overall brand.  

Shopline provides the best ways for you to create and optimize content, whether it is on your product pages or campaign pages. Beyond these, Shopline helps to drive traffic to your store by supporting marketing tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Google Analytics. Shopline also integrates search engine optimization (SEO) to help stores and products rank higher on search engine result pages. Shopline also expanded its reach into Facebook by creating a Facebook store. 

Its promotional techniques such as, free credits for every login by new and returning customers, store credits, coupons, discounts, and free shipping are also good incentives that retain customers. 

In conclusion,

Shopline is not just the most popular e-commerce store builder in Asia, it is also one of the best places to shop.  It caters for 2 billion people and 200,000 vendors across all of Asia, including 80 million international customers! 

Shopline aims to give its customers and sellers the best business experience. Vendors do not pay Shopline transaction fees, so they enjoy maximum profit in addition to the hoards of other benefits!

Shopline exists to provide seamless business to sellers and great product variety, easy transactions, and security to consumers. As a retailer in Asia, Shopline would definitely be the route to go when trying to build an online store.

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Change My Toilet

I run a fitness center where we help people with various fitness needs. I am proud of the work we have been doing because we run programs that are targeted at different people. Some are for youths, some for middle-aged people and we even have some fitness programs for seniors.

Recently, there has arisen the need to remodel one of the bathrooms. As a fitness center, we cannot afford to have a run down bathroom. I want to do a serious overhaul and one of the things that I am looking forward to replacing is the toilet. Just imagine sweating your heart out on the treadmill only to find the john all yuck and unpleasant. That is something that I do not want any of our clients to experience.Thus, I am looking for a new toilet for the replacement.

Why is toilet replacement important?

I also think that it is good practice to change the toilet after several years of use. Ok, I know some are sold with limited lifetime warranty, but still, you cannot use just one toile forever. The older a toilet gets, the more it loses its original color. It also becomes harder to keep clean, which means that it harbors more bacteria and germs. Honestly, if I find my toilet, even at home, starting to change color permanently, I know it is time to replace it.

One other reason that I love to keep looking at the toilets market is the fact that with the passage of time, better toilets come! I mean, decades ago, a toilet would have a flow rate of 3.0 gallons per minute. Today, you can even have a toilet that does 2.0 gallons per flush.

Low flow rate saves water

While we are still talking about the flow rate of toilets, well, you also need to know that the newer toilets come with better flushing mechanisms. Just imagine, today, you can have a toilet that comes with dual flush technology. This is a true water saver. When you take a pee, there is no reason why you should spend as much water to flush as you would when you take a poop. When you need a toilet for a fitness center, or any other facility that is used by many people, you can imagine the amount of water that is going to be spent.

As you can see, there are many reasons why changing a toilet to a better and more advanced one is a better idea most of the time. New toilets are easier to clean. As time progresses, you will also find that many toilets come with better style, shape and fixtures.

Do not hesitate to replace your toilet after using it for several years. However, before you choose any one of the new designs, you should read a few reviews on the best toilet to buy. That way, you will know that you are not buying one blindly.

Here are two toilets that I am considering buying for our fitness center:

American Standard 2889216.020

American Standard 2889216.020

When I saw this toilet for the first time, I was surprised that a toilet can look this good. The nicely rounded elongated front just looks so stylish. This two-piece toilet looks really nice, just the kind of transformation that you need for your home. The water consumption, or should we say economy, is incredible at 1.6 gallons per minute. The surface of the toilet has been designed with EvaClean antimicrobial technology that prevents the growth of bacteria.


  • Antimicrobial surface prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Speed Connect technology reduces installation time by 30%
  • Dual flush system saves water
  • Limited warranty of 24 months


  • A bit heavy for lifting when installing

Woodbridge T-0008

Woodbridge T-0008

This is the best bidet toilet combo. This toilet was manufactured for both its looks as well as its functionality. The sleek design is going to enhance the looks of any bathroom where it is installed. It is a dual flush toilet, so you can control how much water you use after doing your business in the toilet. The way this toilet has been designed ensures you have an easy time keeping it clean all the time.


  • Very nice dual-flush system
  • Installs easily even for a beginner
  • It has a night light so you do not need to switch on main lights
  • Self cleaning technology


  • We wish it was an auto-flush toilet

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Staying Safe in Your Bathroom

Unknown to many people, the bathroom is one a hazard-prone space. Many people have lost their lives in the bathroom when they slipped and hit their head against the edge of the tub or the toilet. Ok, maybe that sounds too James Bond-ish, but it is true. At our fitness center, one of the challenges that we have been having is keeping the toilets clean. Apart from gory deaths in the bathroom, you should also know that dirty toilets are quite a hazard as they hide colonies of bacteria and germs. After cleanliness in your bathroom, ensure to keep some safety measures in place.

Even with all the dangers, it is quite possible to keep safe in the bathroom. You just need to consider the bathroom safety tips that I will share with you below:

Skid-proof floors only

Powder room design

Most of the bathroom danger is going to come from slipping and falling accidents. The main cause of this is water and soap, which make the floor slippery. However, with a skid-proof floor, you can be able to forestall such accidents. If you already have a slippery floor, just ensure to use anti-slip mats and rugs.

Keep all electrical appliances away from the wet

Electricity and water are bad enemies. Thus, anything that is battery powered or electric powered should be kept away from the water. Unless a shaver has been certified safe for use in water, you should keep it away from water. Electrocution accidents can be dangerous and may even cause instant death.

Grab bars near the bathtub help a lot

Tub design with accessories

When you are all wet and slippery, from the bathtub, you want to hold onto something as you get out of the tub or when rising from the toilet. They are especially important when you have a senior living in the house. Just make sure that the grab bars have been installed properly because they might have to bear the brunt of your weight should you miss a step and slip.

Keep the bathroom space free of clutter

Clutter causes serious accidents. When you get soap in your eyes and you cannot open them, you want to be sure that you access the towel easily. This can only happen if you do not keep a cluttered bathroom. Make sure there are no items lying arbitrarily on the floor. Also, in the medicine cabinet, label everything in a visible manner. That way, you will not take something that you are not supposed to.

Install good lighting in the bathroom

Today, we even have toilets that have LED lights so that when you have to use the bathroom at night, you do not have to light the overhead lights. However, when you are taking a shower or a bath, switch on the lights. Darkness in a small bathroom can be quite disorienting and it may cause serious accidents.

Ensure safe installation of things in the bathroom

If not installed in the right way, anything in the bathroom can be quite a hazard. Everything, from the toilet, tub, mirrors, vanities and the lighting should be installed steadily. That way, there will be no chance of getting a freak accident.  

Don’t move around too much when showering

The solution to this is to install a shower head that you can adjust in various angles. You do not have to keep moving around in the shower so that you can catch water on a certain part of your body. 

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Clear Misconceptions

Bidet toilets are not very common, but they are catching on fast. Most people avoid them because they think these toilets are uncomfortable. However, once you start using it, you will find that this toilet quite stunning. But this is not the only misconception that many people have about this toilet.

Picture of splashing water in privy

There are many more myths that circulate around regarding these toilets. I remember when I went shopping for one of these bidet combo toilets last month and when I installed it at our fitness center, I overheard some of my clients discussing it. I was appalled that most of the things they were saying about this toilet were just myth.

That is why I decided to write this article to try and clear such misconceptions. Here are several “lies” that people hear about these toilets:

These toilets are very unhygienic

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that people hear around. Now, it is true that with this toilet, you clean your bottom with water after doing your business. Truth be told, cleaning up with water after your business is much cleaner and more refreshing than using toilet paper. If you do not believe it, just try it for a couple of days and you will never go back to using toilet paper again. Despite what many people think that you get hit with water and it makes a mess, once you have set the right temperature, you will not want to rise from the toilet seat.

A bidet toilet is expensive to run

Toilet paper picture

As compared to what? Many people say that bidets are expensive to use as compared to toilet paper. However, with a toilet roll going for $3, if you do the math, you can see that every year, you use a good amount of money on toilet paper. And that is not all really because you still have to factor the cost of unclogging blocked waste pipes. Toilet paper forms lumps easily and blockages are not too uncommon.

Bidets are only for women

Women may need hygiene more than men, especially during that time of the month. However, the blanket assumption that bidet toilet combos should only be found in the Ladies is quite a misconception. Men are catching on fast and today, it has become common to find bidets in the Gents too.

You must use soap when cleaning with the bidet

This is not true. In fact, using soap for cleaning your private parts is highly discouraged. It can lower your pH balance and thus render your prone to bacterial attacks. At the same time, soap also dries the mucus lining in the female genitals leaving women susceptible to diseases.

The bidet will mess my undercarriage

This is not right, well, unless you do really want it to mess your undercarriage. Otherwise, you are in full control of the water pressure as well as the temperature. So, as soon as you have installed the bidet, you should get the settings right. That way, there will be no accidents when you use the toilet.

A bidet needs more room for installation

To the contrary, the bidet is not a separate unit that you can install beside the toilet or something. A bidet is installed under the toilet seat or you can buy a bidet seat so that you can replace the regular toilet seat with it.  

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